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5 Reasons You Should and Should Not Buy Nice Apparel

5 Reasons You Should and Should Not Buy Nice Apparel

By chance, I got a sight of Nice Apparel for the first time when trying to search Nike Apparel on the Internet. Excitingly, this brand offers “nice” apparel like its name. Thus, I have bought from Nice Apparel for some time.

Nice Apparel In Brief

Nice Apparel is a team of creative endeavors who, as their mission, try to offer the best “nice” garments, mostly is T-shirts.

Their headquarter is from somewhere in the North of England. However, you can search and buy their nice apparel via their online website.

5 Things I Like About Nice Apparel


Nice Apparel

Combed cotton is softer and more durable

All T-shirts are crafted from 100% combed cotton. You can expect them to be beautifully comfortable and pre-shrunk.

In case you might not know, the combed cotton is even softer than the regular cotton. It requires more time and effort to treat cotton fibers in the very first place. Hence, this combed fabric is often higher-quality and tougher. Also more expensive – we might add.

When it comes to Nice apparel shirts, you should give them a little extra care compared to regular cotton products. For example, wash those shirts with mild detergents and at lukewarm temperatures. Moreover, turn the cool-down cycle on for 10 to 15 minutes before you have done with the drying process.

Printing and sewing techniques

Nice Apparel

Prints are durable and vivid

Once you have the Nice Apparel shirts on your hand, you know they are made with extra care.

The printed samples on shirts look new no matter how hard I wash the items on the washing machine. Great!

Moreover, the neck is ribbing carefully in a matching weight and color. This premium sewing method helps shape the shirts into a curve. Thank god, it saves time and effort in ironing and storing items.

The side-seamed construction is another plus. This technique makes Nice Apparel products be a unisex choice. The shirts will well fit due to our curves. Thus, you and your girl/boyfriend can share the shirt or wear them as a love uniform.

The side seams also allow printing faster since they act as guidelines to line up the shirt on the pallet.

I also like the shoulder-to-shoulder tape, double-needle hems, and preshrunk techniques which minimize the shrinkage.

Nice price

The price is unexpected low in terms of quality fabrics and premium craft. Whichever size you choose, the price stays affordable.

The shipping and postage fee is also nice, even when it comes to international delivery.

Quick shipment

Nice Apparel

The package is good!

Although Nice Apparel claims to complete the delivery within 3 to 5 days for the UK orders, you can even receive the package earlier. The staff is responsive to confirm and dispatch the order in no more than 48 hours.

International customers can also get the shirts within 3 to 7 working days via the service of Royal Mail Tracked International postage.

Kind business

That the Nice Apparel cares much for community makes it even more worthy. For years, they donate parts of their profits for the charitable fund, named Crisis.

When you buy a Nice Apparel item, you contribute to this UK-based charity to fight against homelessness.

Such a meaningful action!

5 Things I Dislike About Nice Apparel

Very few designs available

Nice Apparel

This Ghosty is among three for-sale designs

I can’t beat the quality of Nice Apparel shirts; however, there are only three models available: Chill, Downtime with My Demons, and Ghosty. Each has just one color option.

The design is quite basic and easy to wear everywhere: to work, to school, or on a picnic. Thus, I want to buy more. Nevertheless, I have all the Nice Apparel shirts in my wardrobe. Nothing new!

Fortunately, I find an excellent alternative for Nice Apparel. The quality is the same while there are dozens of designs and colors to choose from.

Low stock

Nice Apparel

I want a couple of T-shirts, but only one is left

It seems that the shirts of Nice Apparel sell like hotcakes. Many sizing options have only one left or even sold out.

Yet, it takes a very long time to have items back to stock. Do not know whether the owners still sell those models or not.

Large sizing

Although there is a size guide, making it easy for you to pick the best, the size seems to be a bit large and long for Asian customers.

The smallest size comes at 47cm wide and 71cm length. Small girls might find it oversized.

Strict returns and exchanges

Returns must be in tagged and unused conditions. If it is due to the unavailable size request, you will even not receive a refund.

When it comes to exchanging, you can only exchange for an item with equal or bigger value. And, you already know, right? There are very few choices in the case of designs, sizes, and colors.

Such returns and exchanges make sense; however, you might suffer from some loss. Thus, please check the return & exchange policy carefully.

Irresponsive customer support

Last week, I tried to order two Chill t-shirts. Unluckily, there was only one in stock.

Then, I managed to contact the staff, asking exactly when the Chill would be back to stock. However, I waited a week for nothing. There is not a single email response.

Kind of disappointing!

I Already Found An Alternative to Nice Apparel

The Nice Apparel products are extremely well-worth for its high quality, chill design, and affordable price. However, the poor experience of stock and customer support ruins them all. It is ok if you are patient and easy-going. Keep waiting for the back-stock items.

Otherwise, you can go to The Nice Shirts. This US brand offers a wide range of printed T-shirts with premium quality and pocket-friendly prices. More importantly, the customer service is quick and helpful.

And one more thing, if you are on a low budget or hope to have a nice present for you family or your friends. The Nice Shirts always willing to discuss to help you. To The Nice Shirts and have a nice day.

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