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Dad Fashion Trend And How To Pursue It?
Wear like your dad.

Dad Fashion Trend And How To Pursue It?

Never heard about dad fashion?

Dad fashion continues to dominate the fashion world.

To begin, let’s find out what exactly dad fashion is. Dad fashion has been dominating the fashion world from the very first months of 2018, during the year 2019 and will continue in 2020. Sometimes you just cannot understand what it means or what is fashion with higher-waist, stonewashed jeans. However, when watching people on the street mixing these dad clothes, what we can claim are unique, beautiful and fashionista.
Wearing dad clothes is considered one of the weirdest fashion trends in history. And a thing is that it is not only in the scope of any nation or a group of nations but it is also international. The second thing is that it is quite different from other fashion trends. Most of the other fashion trends are likely to be set by a famous celebrity. However, this dad fashion of wearing dad clothes is not set by any celebrity. It emerges like what it has to be, without any support from a famous person.

Its great influence

In 2018, dad fashion was named one of the most influential trends of the year in Lyst’s annual Year in Fashion report. Year in Fashion report is a reputable one which analyzes global search data and social media mentions, aiming to identify the things that have been trendy in the fashion industry over the year.
Witnessing the increase in popularity of dad clothes in recent years, Vogue dubbed it “dad code” in 2017. In June 2018, the New York Times claimed that dads are now at the centre of the style universe; whereas the Wall Street Journal praised it for its retro appeal that prioritises comfort by way of orthopaedic-looking shoes and cosy knitwear.

Why it is so popular?

Until now, it seems that this trend keeps on placing its dominating position. You can easily notice not only the young but also the millennial wearing dad clothes, such as chunky sneakers, slouchy cardigans and ugly shirts.
Have you wondered the reason behind this dad fashion’s popularity? These days, it seems that the division between casual and office wear has seen its line blurred. Therefore, it seems that it is fine wearing a pair of jeans for your office. T-shirts are fine, too. On the other hands, wearing suits, which were once considered to be for formal events only, now is more popular in the party and informal events. As there is little difference between casual and formal clothes, it is a chance for dad style to take its domination.

What are the basic items of dad fashion?


Wear like your dad.

Following dad fashion? Simple. All you need is to wear dad clothes. Yes, sometimes in the dark meaning.

Hawaiian shirt

One of the must-be-included dad clothes is Hawaiian-style shirt. The micro-floral patterns that were very popular among menswear no longer receive much interest as they used to be. Instead, larger floral patterns are maintaining their domination in the world of menswear. Not surprisingly, these patterns are the ones that you often see on your dad’s vacation shirts.

In the Wall Street Journal, Kevin Carney, the head of a Los Angeles-based menswear boutique named Mohawk General Store, explained that the current larger floral patterns of the Hawaiian shirts seem to be fit into any guy’s wardrobe. And they are also unique and fashionable, which is the reason why you should add at least one to your collection. The things that is different from the dad clothes maybe the colours. Even so, there is still a parallel between the new trendy shirts with the ones that your fathers wore in the 80s and 90s, especially its sailboat and parrot patterns.

Looser-fitting paints

Say goodbye to the skinny jeans that used to dominate the fashion world years ago. It is the era of looser-fitting paints. People these days no longer try to fit themselves in the super-skinny fits like they used to be. Instead, wider-legged jeans and paints like the ones that your dad own can be seen anywhere in the street and catwalk.

Light wash jeans

Another piece of dad clothes that is a must to pursue dad fashion is light jeans. The fashion world has seen the complete domination of dark jeans over the past decade. However, it is not true now since the dad fashion trend started. While the dark jeans are not prefered in the warmer months, especially in the tropical and sub-tropical regions; light jeans have all the benefits needed to replace the top place that used to belong to dark jeans.
Light jeans offer a more relaxed vibe. And now with the emerging of dad fashion trend, dad clothes, including light jeans, finds itself a rise in popularity. This item can fit into a variety of styles. What are you waiting for but buying light jeans to fit in the fashion world’s trend?

Athletic shoes

Besides some basic dad clothes, shoes are also needed for a full daddy look. Recent years have seen the comeback of heritage resign supreme. It means that the pair of shoes that was trendy during your father’s college period is now back in full force. From the shape to colour and even pattern, you can witness the similarity between the trendy shoe styles these days and your father’s favourite items.
When it comes to casual footwear, New Balance 574 or the sleek Adidas Stan Smith becomes the default. It has been a long time for classic shoes to become trendy. Many famous brands, for instance, Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton, even copied their own iconic styles to release a new shoe line. Making modern versions of retro classics seem to be a strategic plan that many brands have taken into. Adidas and New Balance are the two typical brands have embraced the trend and re-released old-fashioned items.
Luxury brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton also created their own dad shoe line with Valentino, Prada and Alexander McQueen. These high-end brands, which have been known for their consistent classic images, take into the dad fashion trend. This shows the great influence of this dad fashion trend in the fashion industry.
Fancy, comfortable and unique are what we have to mention when it comes to the dad fashion trend. They also explain the emerging of dad clothes among fashionistas.
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