Everything You Need To Know To Find The Most Suitable Men's T-shirts
Everything You Need To Know To Find The Most Suitable Men’s T-shirts

Everything You Need To Know To Find The Most Suitable Men’s T-shirts

For men’s fashion, in particular, T-shirts are “classic” items because of their common use, as well as their ease of mixing with other clothes. It’s easy to spot people wearing T-shirts on the street, especially in hot weather. You can buy dozens of T-shirts to change every day without feeling bored.

This article will provide you with everything you need to know to find the most suitable men’s T-shirts. You will learn when to wear a T-shirt and how to mix it with other outfits to make you look cool and confident wherever you go to. Let’s get our journey started!

Choose The Right Time To Wear Men’s T-shirts

Men's T-shirts

So you decide to go out with a T-shirt. You need to consider whether if it is fit where you are going to. You cannot wear a men’s T-shirt at a funeral or a wedding. However, on other occasions, such as being at a party, going to work or school (if your work environment is comfortable) and walking around the street, dressing in a T-shirt is just fine.

How To Choose A Suitable Men’s T-shirt

We always look nice in clothes that fit us well. This is especially true for men’s T-shirts. If you have a stout body, maybe a T-shirt is not a good outfit for you as it easily exposes your belly. Well-tailored shirts or polo shirts are more appropriate. If you are skinny, you should not wear an oversized T-shirt. They can make others feel like you are sinking in your clothes.

A matching T-shirt means you pick out one with colors and patterns that match your skin color, your postures, and are made of comfortable materials.



The lines that connect the arm to the body of the shirt should fit the shoulders or be snuggled close to the neck.


Men's T-shirts

The sleeve should be fully located about one half of your upper arm for the perfect body ratio. If you are a tall person, the sleeves may be longer. With long-sleeved T-shirts for autumn and winter season, the length of the sleeve should not exceed the ankles.

T-shirt length

The shirt should be at least the same length as your waist. It’d better be 5 to 10 cm longer. T-shirts that are too short can expose your belly and make you feel embarrassed in some cases. Meanwhile, T-shirts that are too long can make people think of your nightgown at home.

T-shirt collar

Round neck T-shirts may be suitable for young men. If you are over 30, a Polo T-shirt (with neck) is a preferred choice.

Besides, round neck T-shirts are suitable for guys with broad shoulders, a square face with a long neck. Heart-shaped T-shirts fit men with a full-body, round face. This type of shirt will help lengthen the neck, giving the whole body a balanced ratio between the body and the head.

T-shirt sizes

Men's T-shirts

You do not need to choose a T-shirt meticulously that it should fit your shoulders, back, or waist as you normally do when choosing a shirt. However, at least a nice T-shirt should help balance your body proportions.

A men’s T-shirt should not be too wide or too tight. If you have a slim body, you can choose a tight-fitting T-shirt to make you look taller. However, do not go overboard because it can make it harder for you to move and make you look like an ugly “stuffed sausage.”

If you have an oversized body, you can choose a wider T-shirt to cover your overweight blemishes. However, do not choose a too big T-shirt because they can make you look even bulkier and bigger.


Men's T-shirts

Men’s T-shirts made from 100% cotton will have a natural color and is cool and soft to wear. 50% cotton blended with 50% polyester is also a good choice. Synthetic fabrics will be less frayed, wrinkled, and more durable. However, they are not good at absorbing sweat. If you exercise regularly or are prone to sweat a lot, a T-shirt made of synthetic fabric will make you uncomfortable.


With men’s T-shirts, you can either go “classic” or go “divergent.”

If you love simplicity, classic T-shirts are a good choice for you. They are usually plain shirts. The most common colors are black, white, navy, and grey. Depending on your skin color, you can choose a men’s T-shirt with the most suitable color.

A “divergent” T-shirt suite well those who love modernity. Special drawings or colorful colors will help you look more youthful. They are a perfect fit for you to wear when you are traveling, playing sports or going to the gym.

You should choose T-shirts with interesting motifs or images. They will create new inspiration for you every day. A T-shirt with weird shapes or catching quotes will be easy to get noticed, but can also bring you a lot of trouble at the same time.

How To Mix Men’s T-shirt With Other Outfits

For each person, T-shirts can be worn in different ways. If you know how to mix it, a simple item like a T-shirt can help you stick out like a sore thumb. The following mixing tips will show you how powerful T-shirts can be.

Which pants should you wear with T-shirts?


Joggers and hoodies are the perfect couples for men wear in the autumn and winter as they bring wearers most youthfulness, energy, and appealing personality. In spring and summer, you can also take advantage of these joggers to wear with men’s T-shirts to walk on the street or to go to school.

Men's T-shirts


Trousers are often worn on formal occasions. When combined with a T-shirt, it not only retains its elegance and delicacy but also shows a gesture full of liveliness and vitality. You do not necessarily have to wear trousers and a shirt to work. This suit is still perfect for you to wear at the workplace (Of course, if your company allows you to do so.)

Men's T-shirts


Jeans are probably the best item to mix with a men’s T-shirt. Bringing a cool look, enclosing the spirit of “the street warriors,” jeans are popular items that almost every guy owns. Jeans fit all different body shapes. You can leave your T-shirt tucked in or untucked. Whether you are thin or fat, tall, or have a modest height, jeans are still great choices.

Men's T-shirts

Khaki pants

Not as cool as jeans, or as polite as trousers, khaki pants has their own advantage when mixed with T-shirts. It lies at their flexibility. You can combine khaki pants with a men’s T-shirt to bring much comfort, politeness, and elegant as one pleases. However, if mixed incorrectly, this combination can make your whole outfit look a bit rustic.

Men's T-shirts

Types of jacket to layer T-shirts with style

Simply put, Layer style is to wear 2 costumes or more at the same time. When discussing layers, one must think of all kinds of men’s T-shirts because this is the perfect outfit to help men complete their appearance in the most fashionable manner.

Here are some popular types of shirts that men can wear over T-shirts to make them more masculine and charming.


It is not difficult to imagine that a casual shirt is the No. 1 candidate to pair with a T-shirt. There was one time that checkered shirt drove fashionistas all over the world crazy when combined with T-shirts and jeans. Up until the present, this set is still a favorite outfit for men (and women too) of all ages because they are extremely easy to mix.

If you think checkerboard shirts are outdated, you can replace them with a trendy denim shirt. It is a symbol of a strong, personalized style. With hundreds-years-long history, the love for denim shirt has never cooled down though there are very few designs compared to other materials. By wearing a denim shirt over a T-shirt unbuttoned, it helps you to relax, and show a cool personality.

Men's T-shirts

Jeans jacket

Are you a big fan of jeans jacket? If so, they will not fall outside the list of the most favorite shirts to mix with men’s T-shirts. Jeans jacket will give you a modern look and enhance your physical attractiveness

In the cool season, you can take advantage of the long-sleeved jeans jacket. And for the hot season, a gilet jeans jacket will make you look more special.

Men's T-shirts


If you think a blazer can only work with shirts and pants, you are dead wrong! The blazer can be perfectly paired with men’s T-shirts and jeans to create a sensational trend.

With this set of clothes, you can become a gentleman in the party and still give off the irresistible charm of the street style. The flexible way of mixing with men’s T-shirts like this will definitely change your fashion conception. Try to combine a blazer with a T-shirt, and maybe you will welcome something new on your way.

Men's T-shirts

Do not forget the accessories!


Men's T-shirts

Many types of shoes can be paired with men’s T-shirts, but perhaps sports shoes are the preferred option. T-shirts can be paired with leather shoes when you wear a blazer. But when mixing T-shirts with jeans, jogger pants or shirts, it’s clear that a pair of sneakers will beat out other types of shoes.


You can choose a pair of ordinary glasses to look as gentle as a bookworm or a nerd. Or, you can look like a cool boy when wearing a pair of sunglasses.


Men's T-shirts

A man with a strong personality may always own a cap. Girls may have a variety of hats to beautify, but boys have only a few options, of which cap is the most popular. So, do not forget to take advantage of your cap when mixing with men’s T-shirts to make yourself look much cooler.

Besides these accessories, jewelry such as bracelets, rings, and watches also plays an important role in creating an impressive fashion style when combined with men’s T-shirts. If you do not like rings or bracelets, you should also buy yourself a watch. It is a very handy item to help you control the time while it can be incredibly stylish accessories.

Color mixing

One of the rules to remember when mixing any type of outfit is to match the colors in a harmonious fashion. You should wear contrasting colors when you pair T-shirts with pants or T-shirts with a shirt. This will give you a simple appearance but still very attractive. However, you should not overuse too many colors in a set of clothes, especially strong and bright colors such as blue, red, and yellow. You will not want to become a “chameleon” on the street, right?

Outfit patterns mixing

Similar to the color combination, the patterns are also ways to express your personality. Patterns will make your outfit colorful and striking. However, too many of them are not a good idea. You should not wear a T-shirt with too many patterns on it. It will make your overall outfit become confusing and make people feel uncomfortable.

The best way to mix clothes with a patterned T-shirt is to wear a pair of contrasting-color pants. If you mix a T-shirt with a shirt, only one of the two patterns. A plain T-shirt goes with a patterned shirt. Or a plain shirt dresses over a plaid T-shirt.

In conclusion

Men’s T-shirt is a favorite item for all men as it always gives them much comfort. You can confidently walk out on the street looking elegant, energetic, and attractive with just a stylish men’s T-shirt.

With simple and available items in the closet, you can completely change your dressing style flexibly by mixing a T-shirt with them. We hope you can find out the most suitable and fashionable mix with men’s T-shirts.

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