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Great Idea For Father’s Day
Father's Day is the most important and awaited day of the year

Great Idea For Father’s Day

Father’s Day is the most important and awaited day of the year. This is the day that children try their best to make dad happy and show respect for them. Celebrating Father’s Day with a card and tie is a great idea, but that idea was too boring. Our father deserves much better than that. This year celebrates dad’s day with a creative party and gift to show how much you love and appreciate him. During these days, there are many Father’s Day T-shirts that will be available in the market and fashion stores. Father’s day t shirt ideas are trending and mostly children buy these t-shirts for their beloved fathers.

Make Father’s day T-shirt

Did you make any plans to surprise your dad with a great gift? Looking for creative ideas for Father’s Day celebrations? Do you want to help your children find a cute gift for Father’s Day? Or do you want to buy a great gift for your wonderful husband to tell him that he is the best companion and also a great father?

Father’s Day is the most important and awaited day of the year

In fact, whatever your reasons, finding the perfect gift and a beautiful Father’s Day card can be a bit simple. Don’t miss our article for some interesting, quirky and thoughtful gift ideas and card making ideas for Father’s Day.
Father’s Day cards with a shirt shaped button down are very popular in recent years because it looks clean and professional, just like your father. These cards come in beautiful pastel or lighter colors. Choose one that is your father’s favorite color. These shirts, theme cards with the words “I I Love Dad” or “Happy Father’s Day”are printed on the pocket.

Father’s Day T-shirt and Tie Card:

You may not have an official Father’s Day Tie as an official gift for you, so why not include it on Father’s day card this year. It really is a great idea. Simple and sweet, this shirt and Tie card will definitely make your dad smile and happy. For this card, you only need to request colorful sheets, paper cutters, adhesives, rulers and some different colored markers.

  • Materials: In fact, you don’t need a lot of ingredients to make this tag:
    1 sheet of legal size paper (8 1/2 x 14 inches)
    Some patterned paper for tie
    Optional: glue
    We don’t have any decorative paper big enough for shirts, so I just need to pick some standard white paper from our copier and some origami paper to make the tie.
  • Make your shirt: If you are working with patterned paper on your shirt, place it on your face. If not, go ahead and fold it in half vertically. Then open it up. Line up left edge with centerline fold, and crease. Do the same on the right, and open up.
  • Fold the top left corner in and line it up with the nearest fold to form a triangle. Do the same thing on the right side.
  • Pin the outer points of each triangle so they meet and make a crease. Make sure you only create creases on the triangle.
  • While you handle the triangle, fold down the top edge. It will fall into unique position. Therefor go with it. These are your sleeves!
  • Next, turn over the paper and then flip. Fold down a bit of the upper edge. This is shirt’s collar!
  • Flip the paper again and fold it into the top left and right corners so that the tips meet in the middle. Now it looks like a collar!
  • Now, just fold the paper so that the bottom edge slides down the collar, and you’ve got the perfect shirt.
  • Create a tie: It is true to say that making a tie is relatively simple and fast. You simply cut out the desired shape (will you thin black tie? Tie bow? It depends on you!) And paste on the front of the shirt. It is important to stick on the front of the shirt, not the collar, because you still want to be able to open the card.
  • Create a note: Let write a note, insert it, address, stamp it with a kiss and send the card!

Make Customized Fathers Day T-Shirts

There is no denying that a customizable Father’s Day T-shirt is a great gift that real dads will wear
A father will find it hard to refuse any Father’s Day gifts from his children. A guy can only have lots of ties hanging in his closet and perfume bottles on his office. On the other hand, gifts purchased at the store are not as sentimental as homemade gifts. Then again, homemade gifts are very sweet, but most of them are not useful.
This surprisingly simple Father’s Day T-shirt is a comfortable gift to wear around the house, to sleep, to any sporting event or to hang out. And even better, all you and your children need to create this unique masterpiece is an unpainted T-shirt, an eraser and some creativity.
Plain and dark t-shirt. Avoid elastic or pre-processed cotton shirts; Cheap t-shirts are the best!
Pen eraser
8.5 x 11 inch vellum paper
8.5 x 11 inch cardboard sheets
Craft knife
Spray glue
Design template

  • Step 1: Choose a design template and print it on vellum paper.
  • Step 2: Place the print design on the cardboard and carefully cut the words with a manual knife. Be sure to save the inside of each letter, as they will be needed to complete the drawing for your design.
  • Step 3: Insert cardboard in the middle between the front and back of the T-shirt, place it directly below where you will place the stencils.
  • Step 4: Cover the back of parchment with a spray bottle. Spray the back of every letter you’ve saved as well. It is best to spray generously, making sure to cover the edges of your design carefully to prevent the detergent from flowing.

So a great gift is ready. At Father’s Day, it will surprise your father