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Here Are 7 simple ways to make your T-shirt wider

Here Are 7 simple ways to make your T-shirt wider

How can I stretch my T-shirt? Are there any ways to make my T-shirt wider? These are common questions raised by those who usually wear T-shirts. 

T-shirts have been increasingly popular because they are suitable for people of all ages, shapes, and sexes. 

That being said, in some cases, T-shirts cause users some inconveniences. Many people have said that after several times of drying and washing, their shirts cannot maintain the original size. Meanwhile, some others, unfortunately, originally select the shirt with the wrong size.

It is quite easy to solve this problem. With some simple tips below you will gain comfortable feelings with your lovely T-shirts.    

make your t-shirt wider


What is a T-shirt?

The name of the T-shirt comes from the T-shape of the shirt with two short sleeves and a rectangular covering your upper body. 

T-shirts are usually soft and stretchable because they are made from pure cotton or cotton blended with PE.

With a wide range of designs and styles, they can coordinate with many other items on your body. For various purposes, you can print or embroider different images on the shirt to make it unique and colorful. 

Besides, T-shirts do not require ironing and allow people to use them on various occasions. You can wear them while playing sports or going out with your friends. 

For specific activities and hobbies, you can choose any available T-shirt designs such as polo, V neck, round neck, raglan, and henley.

Popular designs of T-shirt

T-shirts come with various designs to satisfy different purposes and hobbies of users. Following are the most familiar ones:

Round neck T-shirts

make your t-shirt wider

Round neck T-shirts

This design gives you maximum comfort and flexibility in coordination with other accessories. Thanks to these outstanding properties, the round neck is one of the best-selling items in the market today.

If you follow a modern and dynamic style, then a round neck T-shirt was born for you. 

V-neck T-shirts

make your t-shirt wider

V-neck T-shirts

As the name suggests, the T-shirts of this type have the collars shaped like the letter V.  

You can create a perfect suit when combining the V-neck can with a pair of elegant trousers, stylish shorts, or a lovely dress. Also, a necklace can match your shirt, helping to increase your look. 

This model is also suitable for the boys with a round face and wide shoulders. Wearing this T-shirt will bring him a slim build.

Heart T-shirts

make your t-shirt wider

Heart T-shirts

The designs of heart T-shirts are quite similar to the V-neck one, but their collars are shallower and rounder. 

This kind of T-shirt is usually designed to hold close to your body. Therefore, when putting this T-shirt on, you will get a chance to show your good figure.

Polo shirts

Compared to other shirt types, Polo shirts come with an elegant design. That’s why they are the number one choice for more formal occasions such as meeting partners and playing golf. 

More excitingly, a polo shirt will be a perfect alternative to a dress shirt. In combination with a vest, Polo T-shirt will make you more elegant and youthful.

Sports T-shirts

make your t-shirt wider

Sports T-shirts

These shirts have many similarities to round neck T-shirts. However, their material brings more comfortable feelings and offers higher absorption. 

The one-way absorbent technology used on cotton and synthetic materials brings a soft, spongy, and lightweight product with good elasticity and perfect moisture absorption. It is this feature that keeps your body dry and comfortable during the day. 

Sports T-shirts do exactly what they say on the tin. They are indispensable items for you when taking part in activities like playing sports or doing gymnastics.

How to make your T-shirt wider

With 7 ways below, we believe that you will be successful in stretching your T-shirt.

Take advantage of conditioner

The first method you should try is expanding your T-shirt with the conditioner. 

Apart from the main functions of softening the fabric and bringing the fragrance to the clothes, the conditioner is also a useful tool for expanding T-shirts.

  • Step 1: Soak the shirt in conditioner
make your t-shirt wider

Stretch with conditioner

You add a little conditioner in a basin of hot water and stir the mixture until the conditioner dissolves. 

Spread your T-shirt on the surface of the water. Then, you gently press the shirt down so that water slowly absorbs into the fabric.

Leave the shirt in the mixture for half an hour so that it soaks into each textile fiber.

  • Step 2: Rinse the shirt

Take the shirt off the basin and continue to put it in another warm basin of water. Then, remove the conditioner that is sticking on the shirt. 

  • Step 3: Spread the shirt on a surface

You unfold the shirt on a flat area such as a table and a floor. Then, line the shirt with a blanket or a bath towel.

  • Step 4: Stretch the shirt   

Thrust your arms into the inside of the shirt and stretch it outwards.

The conditioner is regarded as a simple but effective way to widen every T-shirt. When you combine it with hot water, the effect it brings about will increase significantly. 

Using this method will help preserve the shape of the shirt and prevent it from being wrinkled. This is one of the best way to make your T-shirt wider but still keep its look.

Unshrink the shirt with iron 

Iron, a very familiar item in your family, is also helpful for stretching your T-shirt. It won’t take you much time and effort to complete this task. 

make your t-shirt wider

Unshrink the shirt with iron

  • Step 1: Make the shirt wet

What you need to do first is to wet the T-shirt. Then, you gently squeeze the shirt to remove some water and spread it on a flat surface.

  • Step 2: Iron the shirt

Before ironing the T-shirt, you should adjust your iron to a moderate temperature. If it is too hot, your shirt is likely to be burned. 

You proceed to iron each corner of the shirt. You use one hand to iron the shirt while the other stretches each part you are ironing.

Keep in mind that when stretching your shirt with an iron, you must pull it in the direction: up-down and left-right. This principle will make your T-shirt wider more evenly.

Even so, you should only follow this method in case you want to make your T-shirt wider a little bit.

Take a shower with the T-shirt

make your t-shirt wider

Take a shower with the T-shirt

You are so busy and do not want to spend time doing some things like this? Then, this method will be ideal for you. 

As you know, it is much easier to do a stretch when your clothes turn wet. Follow the instructions below and you will have a T-shirt stretched while saving a lot of time.

First, wear the T-shirt you want to stretch before taking a shower. You should use hot water to maximize the effect of this method. After that, you widen it with all your strength from the arms.

The biggest advantage you will gain here is that you need to stretch only the areas you want, which is certainly much advantageous than expanding all the areas of the shirt. 

After 10 to 15 minutes of showering, you will have the T-shirt that is as wide as you like.

Give A Good Tug

make your t-shirt wider

Tug stretch

With this method, you primarily stretch the shirt with your hand. The cotton material usually allows high elasticity; therefore, the regular stretch will make the T-shirt wider in some areas. 

Whenever you wear that shirt, remember to tug it continuously. That being said, don’t overuse this stretching method; otherwise, your shirt will lose its shape.   

Do A Stretch With A Chair

make your t-shirt wider

Do A Stretch With A Chair

Make use of the backrest of the chair in your house to expand your T-shirt.

  • Step 1: Soak the shirt in fabric softener

Pour 15-20ml fabric softener down a basin of warm water and stir the mixture. Leave it there for 15 to 20 minutes.

  • Step 2: Rinse the shirt and squeeze water out of it

After soaking, you take the shirt off the basin and wash it with clean water before removing all water from the shirt.

  • Step 3: Wrap the T-shirt around a chair

After squeezing the shirt, you wrap it around the backrest of the chair. Finally, wait for it to get dry.

Make your T-shirt wider with heavy objects

Weighty objects also help you change the size of the shirt. First of all, you need to prepare some water together with 6 to 8 heavy objects, including large mugs, books, and so on.

make your t-shirt wider

Use heavy objects

  • Step 1: Wet your shirt

You have to make the shirt wet before stretching it with the prepared objects. 

  • Step 2: Expand the shirt

Stretch all the edges of the shirt to the extent you expect before placing all these objects on them. It is advisable to keep this state for half a day.

  • Step 3: Put some objects inside the shirt

Place some items inside the areas you want to stretch. For example, you can use some tennis balls to extend the area for your chest. Meanwhile, some water bottles will make your sleeves wider.

Put the shirt on the body of a fat person

To have the shirt stretched, you can take the support from the person whose body has the size you expect. 

Ask him/her to wear your shirt for one or two hours. He/she can go somewhere, take some exercise, or even wear it while sleeping.

After that, you wash the shirt and put it on. You certainly will realize a significant change in size.

How to preserve your T-shirt

The preservation is also an indispensable step while using your T-shirts. To maintain their durability, keep the tips below in your mind.

Tips on washing T-shirts

make your t-shirt wider

How to wash T-shirts

  • Do not wash the T-shirts and other colored clothes together, especially at the first wash, to prevent their colors from spreading to the remaining clothes.
  • Do not use fabric softeners because they make your T-shirt stretch quickly. 
  • Encourage hand washing. In case you use the washing machine, you should turn out your shirts to avoid the printed images on the shirts rubbing against the washing bucket.
  • Do not squeeze your T-shirts after washing. The squeeze may cause the fabric to expand and damage your shirt.

Tips on preserving T-shirts

make your t-shirt wider

How to preserve T-shirts

  • Do not put T-shirts in damp places. With the hygroscopic and absorbent properties, T-shirts are subject to dampness, leading to the fact that there are some stains left on clothes.
  • After exercising, you may break out a lot of sweat that soaks your T-shirts. Then, it is best to wash them immediately. Otherwise, it will get smelly and moldy.
  • When drying clothes, you should turn out your T-shirts and dry them in cool places. Sunlight is also a reason for the color loss of prints. Therefore, to limit the elasticity of the shirt, you should hang it on a clothesline. That you hang it with a hanger can make your T-shirt stretched.


We have introduced you to the 7 most popular ways to stretch T-shirts. Don’t hesitate to try one right now. We bet that they will bring you maximum satisfaction.  

Thanks for spending time on our article. Hopefully, it will provide you with useful tips about how to make your T-shirt wider. For any contributions, please leave your comments below. 

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