How To Choose A Male T-shirt According To The Body Type
How To Choose A Male T-shirt According To The Body Type

How To Choose A Male T-shirt According To The Body Type

Among men’s fashion, T-shirts are the most popular items which bring the classic feeling. They are commonly used and mixed well with several other clothes such as jeans, trousers. But the matter is : How To Choose A Male T-shirt?

Does every man have at least one T-shirt in his wardrobe?

I am sure that the answer is yes. Thus, the T-shirt is an excellent choice for a gift for men. 

However, each T-shirt suits with different stature. For this reason, if you intend to give your boyfriend a T-shirt, be careful before deciding to purchase one. 

And if you are still not consistent, review this article for a better decision. 

Find out what your boyfriend’s body type is

Before making a decision about buying which T-shirt, you had better know what your boyfriend’s body type is. 

Like women, men have different body types as well. Let’s find out together.

body type

Body types

Normally, there will be five popular body types of men, including:

  • Triangle
  • Muscular
  • Oval
  • Broad
  • Column

However, I will divide men’s body types into these four kinds, which consist of fit, thin, fat, and muscular body.

Choose a suitable male T-shirt

For fit body

How To Choose A Male T-shirt

There is a massive advantage for those who own a fit body. If you have a fit body, it is much easier to mix and match than other body types.

To be more specific, you can freely choose from V-neck T-shirts, round neck T-shirts to slim fit T-shirts. All these options are great as long as it fits the body

However, it is worth noting that these men suit with slim T-shirts which help to show the body line. So it will be a plus point to catch the attention of many girls. 

Also, for those who like the street style, choosing some loose or loose-fitting T-shirts is a good idea. 

There is no need to talk too much about this perfect body type. Your boyfriend will be the luckiest one in the world if he owns a fit body. Every T-shirt is born for him. Hence, you will not be too anxious about choosing a nice T-shirt. Any colors and designs all look good. Also, you can mix with both casual pants and jeans.

For thin body

How To Choose A Male T-shirt

A thin body has its pros and cons. A skinny guy will not have to worry about being overweight or looking oversized. On the contrary, the weak point in these people is that they are usually slender. 

For this reason, you will find it challenging to choose the desired clothes. The wrong choice can make them very skinny.

So, what kind of T-shirt a skinny guy should wear?

Make sure to choose the type of T-shirt designs that are not too wide or too tight. But why? 

When the shirt is too wide, it will look very imbalanced. It seems like they are wearing their daddy’s T-shirts. Also, tight T-shirts only show their thin bodies. 

It is forbidden to choose either tight-fitting or loose-fitting tops.

What is more, the color of the T-shirt should be warm, and it has no pattern. If you want to wear T-shirts that are not too basic and monotonous, you should choose T-shirts with horizontal stripes or with a little big pattern. It is an effective way to “cheat” the width of your boyfriend’s body that a lot of people apply to. 

For fat body

How To Choose A Male T-shirt

The fat body has a specific characteristic compared to the thin body.  A stout guy is often oversized and sometimes has a big belly.

The first note while choosing a male T-shirt in this situation is that you should not choose tight T-shirts. I think you may know the answer. Tight-fitting shirts are not only uncomfortable for these guys to wear, but it also shows the weaknesses of the body.

It is better to choose for them the dark or neutral shirt. These T-shirts will make the body look more compact. Besides, if your boyfriend has a big belly, you should look for loose T-shirts.

Especially, T-shirts should not be too long because they will make him look bigger and shorter. Let’s choose a shirt whose length suits his height.

There is another note to choose a male T-shirt for the fat body you should pay attention to. In terms of color, stay away from such T-shirts that are too bright such as neon green, pink neon, or orange, and so on. These colors will definitely show how fat your boyfriend is. I bet that you do not want it to happen.

For muscular body

How To Choose A Male T-shirt

Apart from these typical body types above, a muscular body is popular for those who often go to the gym. Working hard in the gym helps these guys strengthen their muscles. As a result, their tissues and body lines are their pride. 

For this reason, you should choose the T-shirts which can show the body line. A tight T-shirt will be the best option for a muscular body, which will clearly enhance muscle mass. 

Moreover, a V-neck T-shirt will be another good idea. At the same time, I think a tank top is born for these muscular men. It shows their power and strength as well.

Final words

When it comes to dressing, it is necessary to find out the right clothes that suit your body type. Remember this thing while choosing a T-shirt for your boyfriend if you want him to wear it frequently.

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I hope that you will find some useful things from this article. If you have any ideas, please share it with us by commenting below. Thanks for reading!

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