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How To Choose The Best T-shirt for Women

How To Choose The Best T-shirt for Women

Among all kinds of clothes, a T-shirt is the easiest-to-wear one. But it only makes you more beautiful if you choose a proper T-shirt. You can refer to some tips below to make the right decision:

How To Choose The Best T-shirt For Women

It’s not simple to purchase the most beautiful one. You have to consider many features before making the last decision:


T-shirt For Women

Unlike men with only 3 sizes (slim, regular, and big & tall) and some styles, women’s T-shirts vary more styles, and even you can’t precise names of each one. However, the majority of T-shirts has a pretty casual look. Don’t expect a sexy or fancy design as a blouse and dress. T-shirt is a smart strategy to switch outfits, creating different styles.

To choose a T-shirt fitting your style, you have to take in the following considerations: 

Body type

It’s not a matter of your size but your body type. Once you are honest and accept your real body type, you can buy a T-shirt complimenting your own body type without over-exposing yourself.

The feature that you are confident in exposing

 Which area of the body are you confident the most?

Determine it and choose a T-shirt with appropriate cuts.

Please take a look at my example:

If you have beautiful arms and you are not confident about your upper chest, a T-shirt with shorter sleeves and a regular cut neck is a perfect choice.

However, in case the most appealing part of your body is your legs, a baggier shirt can accentuate the pair of your exposed legs.

The message you want to send

Do you know that the logo and design on your T-shirt can affect what message you want to send to others?

A T-shirt with a sports logo, a Hello Kitty logo, or a vintage Led Zeppelin design shows different messages you want to send.


message T-shirt

Speaking of color, keep in mind this basic rule: light colors for highlight and dark colors for obscurity. If you are not confident about your upper body, I strongly recommend you wear dark colors like navy, brown, and black. On the contrary, you had better choose light colors like orange, yellow, and red to flaunt your beautiful parts of the body.

After deciding the suitable spectrum of colors, it’s time to choose which color works best for you. This feature is based on the color of your skin, hair, and eye. If possible, you had better try on different colored T-shirts in front of you up to a mirror.

You can combine your T-shirt with accessories to change your style. A pair of brightly colored shoes or purse can turn your casual T-shirt into a fancy one. For several additional accessories, it’s better to choose a T-shirt as basic as possible for natural combination.


t-shirt for woman

The world of fashion trends changes very fast, even with the classic and basic T-shirts. How to wear a T-shirt and their certain styles are affected by the current trend very much.

For instance, the hot trend may be the slim-cut shirts with fringe today. Meanwhile, next month, baggy T-shirts down to the knees may become a cup of tea for everyone.

The T-shirt trend doesn’t have any general rules. If you feel comfortable to wear a hot-trend T-shirt, papa T-shirt, go for it. But, in case you don’t like it, just skip this trend.

Classic look

classic look shirt for woman

Don’t you want to follow a trend and do love simplification?

Picking up a classic design, which is a well-fitted white or black crew neck T-shirt is an ideal choice. Especially it never goes out of style.

When choosing a classic design, keep in mind the following features:

  • The shoulder seams have to be over your shoulder.
  • The sleeves need to end between the upper third of your arms.
  • Although your T-shirt should be tight, it’s not skin-tight.

How to measure yourself for a T-shirt

measure a T-shirt

How to measure yourself for a T-shirt?!

To measure yourself for a T-shirt exactly, you need to take the following measurements:


When it comes to chest, let you wrap the tape measure under the armpits and around the fullest part of the chest. While measuring, try to keep your usual stand without flexing and puffing out the chest. Pay attention to keep the tape measure snug but not be so tight that you can’t breathe.


Please stand straight and measure from the highest point of the shoulder to under the waist.

Note: the bottom hem of the T-shirt had better go a few inches under the waist.

It’s Time To Buy The Best T-shirt For Your Woman!

It seems all T-shirts are similar, but they are different. If you make a wrong purchase, your woman and girl will feel uncomfortable while wearing.

After reading my post, have you known how to choose the best T-shirt? If yes, please leave your comment in the section below. In case you still encounter any T-shirt- related issue, don’t hesitate to let me know. I will come back to you with a proper answer.

Finally, don’t forget to share my article if you find it informative and helpful. Thank you for reading, and see you in the next time.

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