How to Choose the Best T-Shirts for Your Body Type

How to choose the best T-shirts for your body type?

Is it easy?

Is it hard?

This task is not difficult if you have some basic knowledge in my article.

Whether or not you have any experience in choosing a T-shirt, you can get some useful information here.

How to choose the best T-shirt for your body type

The best T-shirts for skinny guys

Best T-Shirts for Your Body Type

The best T-shirt for skinny guys

The bad news for the slim body is that the majority of regular fit shirts make you look swamped and shapeless.

However, don’t worry, there are always other options. You only need to follow the essential guide on how to choose a fitted T-shirt.

Skinny guys should choose a slim fitted shirt, tapering in at the waist instead of ones with cuts.

The best T-shirts for bigger guys

Best T-Shirts for Your Body Type

The best T-shirts for bigger guys

Even when you have a big body, you don’t have to hide it in a shapeless sack. The right fit plays a vital role in bringing a beautiful appearance for bigger guys.

It’s worse:

While baggy, ill-fitting shirts make you look fatter, too tight shirts damage more or less. 

I highly recommend you choose an oxford shirt, which is slim enough to skim across your stomach and chest, long enough to reach down to the curve of your buttocks. 

Dress T-shirts for small guys

Best T-Shirts for Your Body Type

Dress T-shirts for small guys

If you are shorter than the average height, it’s pretty hard to find out a proper T-shirt, suiting your minor form.

In this case, you should choose a T-shirt that can give the illusion of length and add a streamlined look to your outfit.

Specifically, the striped shirt is an ideal choice for giving the illusion of length. But, make sure to pick up the stripes going down. 

Or a well-fitting design can also help you add extra height.

Keep in mind the following rule:

A T-shirt that is long enough to tuck in makes your legs more attentive. If you wear a too long T-shirt, it will cover your legs and shorten your look.

In case you have a massive budget for a T-shirt, you should invest in some custom made shirts.

Some T-shirts for each body type

V neck T-shirts

Best T-Shirts for Your Body Type

V neck T-shirts

This type of T-shirt is a cold design with a bit of detail, specifically, V-neck. You can choose one among several different varieties depending on how much of the chest you want to show and the size of the V collar. 

Some people think that baggy V-neck T-shirts seem to be strange, others believe that this design is a perfect fitted T-shirt.

It’s better to start with a small V collar instead of a large one because it only suits skinny or muscular body types. People with short or stockier build had better wear regular V-neck T-shirts.

Oversized T-shirt

Best T-Shirts for Your Body Type

Oversized T-shirt

One of the top choice for, in fact, it should be the best choice when looking for best T-shirts for your body type.

The majority of people have a mistaken view that baggy T-shirt is a perfect choice for those with a large and stocky build. It can’t hide the stockiness, even it emphasis your less flattering areas, And it makes you fatter.

This is an ideal choice for skinny build more since the contrast between the slim frame and the baggy T-shirt can create a wonderfully stylish look.

You can try this outfit:

Combine a long fitted T-shirt with a skinny fitting tracksuit bottom and trainers to result in an athletic, relaxed, and stylish look.

Fitted T-shirt

Best T-Shirts for Your Body Type

Fitted T-shirt

Finding out clothes for a particularly short, stocky, and large build is a pretty hard task. Moreover, most clothes retailers don’t have available special sizes for a larger and stockier build.

However, the simple design of a T-shirt allows you to purchase the best-fitted easier than others.

You may be wondering:

What’s the best-fitted T-shirt?

Like Goldilocks, it should not be too small or too large. A too-small T-shirt results in highlighting the stockiness of your figure while a too-large one makes you balloon out, losing your outfit’s verticality.

Note: when choosing a striped T-shirt, don’t select horizontal lines since it makes you shorter and stockier. A design with vertical stripes adds a sense of height through the natural lines of the body.

Solid color T-shirt

Best T-Shirts for Your Body Type
Plain white T-shirt

A plain white tee at a low price is a common and popular choice because of the simple design. Depending on your favorite material, budget, and size, just choose one among a variety of options.

Though there are many kinds of T-shirts nowadays, a plain white T-shirt is perfect for mixing and matching different outfits. 

White T-shirt

The white T-shirt is retro design. You can try the 50s James Dean style as follows:

Mix a long white T-shirt with a black leather jacket and a pair of straight-cut blue denim jeans.

The rule of this style is to select a fitted or muscle fit T-shirt to highlight your silhouette and improve the bulkiness of the leather jacket.

Because of the high versatility of the white T-shirt, you can combine it with a more formal outfit as well, or wear a suit jacket to go to a party.

If you want a fantastic, smart casual look, I strongly recommend you combine a plain white V-neck T-shirt with a dark blue blazer and suit trousers or jeans.

Mixing and matching different outfits is not its only outstanding feature; the best thing is that it suits any body shape.

Which is your proper T-shirt?

Now, have you chosen a suitable T-shirt? Is it beautiful? Please let me know your choice by throwing your words in the section below. What’s more, don’t hesitate to share my post as well.

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