Grandma loves you unconditionally, and so are you. But how to let her know? Check out this post for superb tips to express your love to your nanny.

Having a grandma by your side is undoubtedly the best feeling ever. She is always there to take care of you and talk to you when you are down. Most importantly, she will even spoil you a bit (unlike your parents, hah?)

Expressing your love to your grandma is essential, especially when you are spending less and less time with her due to the busy lives. Scroll down to know how!

7 Ways To Show Your Love To Your Nanny

#1 Send Her Letters

Grandma T-shirt

This is a traditional yet effective way of showing your nanny: “I always care about you.” As your grandma grew up in a different era, she would prefer handwritten letters to those electronic mails or messages. A lovely letter in the mailbox amongst all the bills and pieces of stuff will surely make her day!

#2 Surprise Visit

Grandma loves surprise just like everybody. If you have not dropped by your grandma’s house for a while, let’s pay a surprise visit someday. Do not tell her you will be coming, and wait for her reaction at your presence at the door. I bet she will be over the moon!

I think no one can be too busy to stop by their grandmother’s house for 10 minutes. Try to pay some random visits occasionally to show her your love and care.

#3 Give Her A Call

One way to foster a relationship is to update on the lives of each other. In this case, you should call your grandma every once in a while to tell them how you are doing with your life, and find out how she is doing. The bond between you and your grandmother will definitely grow close-knit over time.

Always remember, grandma loves to hear from you.

#4 Offer To Do Something For Her

Always offer to carry her bags or do the gardening for her. You know, as your nanny grows older, she will be far from agile as she used to be. Therefore, you should take care of her, even for the little things. Do it now before it is too late to do anything.

#5 Listen

The best way to show your respect and love to your grandma is to listen to her. If she tells you stories about her life, listen with patience. There would probably be a lesson or a touch of surprise that amazed you, just as how my grandma’s stories did with me. And I am sure every grandma loves reminiscing about her bygone days.

It does not stop at the “stories”. Here I mean, you should listen to your grandma’s advice also. You know, she has been around for a long time and gained a lot of knowledge as well as experience. Therefore, whenever she advises you anything, take your time to consider. NEVER disobey immediately.

#6 Tell Her

It is never too cheesy to tell someone how they mean to you, especially when that person is your grandma. Telling her directly, “I love you, Grandma!” is one of the best ways to express your love to your nanny.

grandma loves

If you find it hard to tell your grandma how you love her, wear the “Who needs Santa when you have Grandma” shirt to her house. I bet she will be happy seeing you in that shirt. Visit The Nice Shirts to buy one for yourself. The website offers the best T-shirts on the market with fun and unique slogans printed on.

#7 Do A Fun Activity Together

When you visit your grandma’s house, what do you often do? Do not tell me that you sit around and glue your eyes to your smartphone or tablet! Instead, let’s think of an activity to do with your grandmother. It can be going out somewhere, shop for groceries, play a game, or cook a meal. This is strengthen the bond between you and your grandmother.

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#8 Teach Her To Use SNS

The fast pace of life may make your grandmother feel like they are left behind. Do not let this negative feeling come over her. Let’s teach her to use one social networking site to keep updated with the world. Also, this will allow you to stay in touch with her more easily.

Do note that she will not learn as quickly as youngsters when it comes to technologies. It may take a little time, but who cares anyway? The key is you are trying to make your nanny happy.

What Your Grandma Deserves To Hear

Below are something that every grandma deserves to hear once in their lives. Note it down and tell your nanny at a suitable occasion.

#1 You are the one who connects me with my parents.

#2 Even when I am a grown-up, I still need your advice. They are of great help to me in several cases. Thank you!

#3 Your home remedies are even better if compared to those prescribed pills of doctors. I still need them until now.

#4 You look timeless to me.

#5 I always care about you, even though I cannot stay by your side every time.

#6 You are the best cook in the world, and I always wait until weekends to dine with your foods.

#7 You mean the world to our family and ourselves.

The Bottom Line

grandma loves

Grandma is such a wonderful and significant part of our family. Do not let the hustle and bustle of life getting in the way of showing your love and care for her. Follow above tips to keep a close-knit bond between you and your nanny.

I would love to hear your stories about grandma. Leave them in the comment section so that I can read them all. Thank you for reading!

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