How To Keep Your T-shirts Nice And New

T-shirts are an essential fashion item in anyone’s wardrobe because you can wear them quickly, comfortably, and conveniently on many occasions. However, do you know how to preserve and use T-shirts to keep them durable and new for a long time?

What do you need to do to wash, iron, or dry T-shirts? Is there any way to keep them from fading?

Please update our tips right now to use your t-shirt correctly. Your T-shirts will be less degraded, stretched, faded, and their prints will be less damaged.

#1. Wash As Little As Possible

Typically, washing is based on habits after each wearing more than when clothes are dirty. However, to make the t-shirt more durable, you should clean it only when necessary. 

Moreover, washing clothes less often does not make them unhygienic. If your washing machine has a unique setting that allows wrinkle reduction, you should use this method to prevent wrinkles and better protect your clothes.

Although the quality of the T-shirt’s cotton fabric is very solid, washing puts pressure on its natural fibers, leading to rapid aging and fading. You also waste water and electricity, causing harmful impacts on the environment.

Keep Your T-shirts Nice And New

How to keep your T-shirts nice and new

#2. Handle The Stains As Soon As Possible

When your T-shirt becomes dirty, you need to find a way to handle it right away. The reason is that the T-shirt fabrics absorb liquids fast, so leaving them on the clothes longer will make it harder to wash.

You need to know the stronger the detergent, the more it affects the color of the T-shirt. The trick is to wash the stain first with warm water, then rub with a mild detergent or soap.

In case the stain is difficult to remove, you can use a stronger detergent but do not contain bleach to avoid removing the original color from the fabric and leaving light spots instead.

#3. Sort T-shirts With Similar Colors Before Washing

You should first look at the care label to see how to wash newly bought clothes in the right way. Then, sort your clothes before cleaning.

Washing light colors together helps maintain the colors of your T-shirts and reduces the risk of graying or discoloration by another type of clothing. Additionally, you can put darker colors into the machine together, especially when they fade after a few washes.

Not only that, the arrangement of laundry according to fabrics optimizes your washing results. For example, sportswear and workwear may have different washing needs than a shirt and t-shirt. So, select the appropriate mode for each group of clothes. 

Keep Your T-shirts Nice And New

Sort your clothes before cleaning

#4. Wash With Cold Water Is Better

Your T-shirt does not like heat and can shrink if you wash it with too hot water. Also, detergents work well at high temperatures, so you need to find the right balance between washing temperature and effective cleaning.

The advice of experts is to wash white T-shirts at about 30-40oC to make sure T-shirts look new longer and reduce the risk of unwanted color contamination. Washing at relatively low temperature also reduces your environmental impact and your bill. When you adjust the heat down to 30-40oC, you can reduce energy consumption by up to 35%.

#5. Always Wash And Dry T-shirts From The Inside Out

When you wash your T-shirt from the inside out, abrasion occurs on the inside, not the outside. This reduces the risk of unwanted material fading and damaged

Not only that, you should also dry the shirt from the inside out to help reduce discoloration and keep the outer surface nice and new.

#6. Use Appropriate Amount Of Detergent

You can find the eco-friendly detergent on the market. They come with natural ingredients and no chemical ingredients like oil-based. However, this type of detergent also contaminates wastewater and damages your clothing if you use excessive quantities.

Not only that, the use of many detergents may not make your clothes cleaner. So, the rule of thumb is that the less laundry you put in your washing machine or, the less dirty your clothes are, the less detergent you need. Note that with fairly soft water, you can also use less detergent.

Keep Your T-shirts Nice And New

Use appropriate amount of detergent

#7. Do Not Use A Dryer

Unless you need to wear your T-shirts quickly, you should not use the dryer. The risk of spontaneous shrinkage of T-shirts can be decreased by avoiding the dryer. 

You should dry your T-shirts by hanging them outdoors with natural air to minimize unwanted wrinkles and stretches. Remember to keep away from direct sunlight to reduce fading. 

You should choose a sunny and ventilated place to help your clothes dry quickly, avoid bacteria invasion, and cause unpleasant odors.

Ignoring the dryer has not only a positive impact on the durability of your T-shirt but also protects the environment as a tumble dryer needs five times the power than a standard washing machine.

#8. Iron The Inside Of Your T-shirt

When removing clothes from the washing machine, you should stretch or shake slightly to get them back in shape. You should also check the label for the right ironing temperature for each fabric. The symbol with many dots on the iron photo in the care label means you need to use more heat.

When ironing your T-shirts, you do in reverse with the steam function. Steam helps make the fabric smooth, and the clothes flatten more quickly. In particular, you can use a steamer instead of conventional iron to take care of your clothes gently and more thoroughly.

#9. Fold And Store Your T-shirts Properly

You should fold and store your T-shirts on a flat surface. You need to avoid hanging clothes for a long time because it is easy to make them elastic.

If you want to hang a T-shirt, use a wide hanger to distribute the weight evenly and insert the hook from the bottom, so you don’t extend the neckline. As well as drying clothes, you need to keep them away from the sunlight during storage to enhance the color durability.

Keep Your T-shirts Nice And New

Fold and store your T-shirt properly

#10. Buy T-shirts From Reputable Brands

The final tip is to choose T-shirts from a reliable and famous company. Let’s find the right place to buy T-shirts with robust and durable fabric, long-lasting colors, and beautiful designs. You get what you pay for. 

You also have the necessary instructions on laundry and storage of the products. With excellent customer policy, you will also have a reasonable price and perfect after-use service.

Final Words

So, you know how to preserve your T-shirts simply. When washing and drying correctly, you can use your clothes for a long time. 

With the tips from our post, we hope that you keep your T-shirts nice and new from now on. Let’s go out and bring home some stylish T-shirts!

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