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How To Pick A Nice Shirt To Wear With Jeans?

How To Pick A Nice Shirt To Wear With Jeans?

You don’t know how to mix and match a nice shirt wear with jeans. You have our back. This article will guide you to pick items to fit any woman’s jeans

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How to pick a nice shirt for a pair of jeans?      

Jeans are one of the must-have items in a wardrobe of women because they are super easy to style. It’s easier to mix and match a pair of jeans with tops, shoes, or other accessorize for a casual outfit or a working one.

We have a wide array of jeans’ styles to choose, like skinny jeans, high-waisted jeans, cropped jeans, etc. We’re here to help you find the nice shirt to mix and match with different jeans’ styles.

Let’s get started!  

Mix with Skinny jeans

wear with jeans

A Shirt and Jeans Ideas

You can create a simple outfit mixing a nice shirt with a pair of skinny jeans. Moreover, a more sophisticated style with a bucket bag and sunglasses can be a choice for the special event.

Skinny jeans are the perfect piece for hour-glass body shape to showcase your slender legs. However, a plus-size body can look attractive in skinny jeans as well. Usually, skinny jeans look amazing on high heels. Cheeky ankle boots or long pirate boots are also superb choices for these jeans. You can go with sneakers to add up a sporty look to your outfit.

Mix with Ripped jeans

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An outfit with ripped jeans

Ripped jeans boast their relaxed nature which compliments a cool urban look. Thus, it’s not suitable to wear these jeans for professionals at banks or other big companies. Moreover, don’t forget to wear a hoodie with loose hair. 

However, this bottom is ideal for your dress down days. We suggest putting on some light makeup and throw yourself in a pair of ripped jeans.  

When you wear the ripped jeans with distressed style, you should keep in mind the fundamental rule: Don’t combine these jeans with other distressed tops. It’s better to wear a crop top or tuck your tee.

Mix with Straight jeans

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A casual style with straight jeans

As straight legs belong to a classic style, they can sometimes be uninspired. However, you can add some excitement in your outfit with straight jeans. For example, a design with large cuffs will be amazing with some eye-catching accessorize.

In terms of shoes, please remember to choose shoes which elongate the legs. This trick will create the illusion of longer legs. Loafers, pumps, or strappy heels are the perfect matches.

Mix with Boyfriend jeans

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Diane Kruger’s in boyfriend jeans

If you’re a fan of cool and edgy outfits, you should not pass boyfriend jeans. They stand out for their comfort with the slight touch of masculinity.

Whether you like to be ultra-laidback or dressed-up, this type of denim can get you covered. Boyfriend jeans can be cuffed or not, slim or baggy. Typically, this style is fitted at the hips along with a relaxed fit through the legs. 

Here, you can have some ideas to mix and match boyfriend jeans with other items. Diane Kruger’s look is an excellent choice for a laid-back look combining these jeans with a simple T-shirt and adding a skinny belt. 

Mix with Cropped jeans

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A Japanese model in cropped jeans

Cropped jeans are a style of denim trousers that lie on or above the ankle. These jeans are for everybody with any body shapes. For short women, they can elongate your legs with the baring of the ankle. For the tall, a design of flared jeans can give the illusion of a smaller waist. 

Moreover, you can wear cropped jeans for both a daytime look and an evening style. To complete a daytime look, you should pair a casual blouse with low-cut trainers or pumps. The evening look can be more classic with an ankle-grazer.

Mix with Mom jeans

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Be chic with mom jeans

Mom jeans typically have a baggy fit, which enables their super comfy for owners. This style, which dates back to the 90s’ fashion trend, features a high waist, straight leg with mid-blue wash. 

These jeans can fit anyone with any body shape. The 90’s jeans bring about the chic style when mixed with modern and sophisticated items. 

You can be comfortable in a simple white shirt, cuffed mom jeans, and cut-out chunky boots. In autumn, you can add a blazer for a go-to outfit with straight-legged mom jeans. Don’t forget to make it extra trendy by holding a metallic clutch.  

Mix with High-waisted jeans

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High waisted jeans 

A design of high-waisted jeans is perfect for lengthening the appearance of your legs and for defining your waist. There are numerous styles of high-waisted jeans ranging from skinny to flattering ones with many other washes. 

To look fabulous in high-waisted jeans, you should follow some fundamental dos and don’ts. 

  • Correct size is critical for a better look with high-waisted jeans.
  • Don’t hide the high waist of the jeans.
  • Tuck a top into the waistband.
  • Pair with sneakers or boots.

Mix with Flared jeans

wear with jeans

A street style with flared jeans

Another classic style is flared jeans, a popular design from the 1970s. This type of denim is versatile and easy to fit every body type. No matter what style you go to, from casual weekend outings to office, flared jeans have you back.

A white shirt pairing with simple black pumps will be the ideal items for your smart-casual look at the office. If you choose a light wash flared jeans for a Saturday night, you can wear a crop top accessorized with the tassel earrings and a stylish cross-bag. 

It’s your turn to style the outfit

Having a great look for a nice shirt with jeans may no longer difficult for you now. Following the below tips and tricks, you will help you be creative for your new outfit.If you’re looking for a nice shirt to pair with your denim, don’t hesitate to take a visit at Here, you may find a wide range of tops, not only for women but also for men or kids.