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How To Take Care Of Your T-shirt

How To Take Care Of Your T-shirt

If you don’t take care of your T-shirt correctly, it will straightforward to suffer some problems such as threads coming out, tear, crack, puckering, print fade, color fade, and shrinkage.

Below are some tips to keep your T-shirt in shape and full of color and expand its lifespan.

How To Take Care Of Your T-shirt

Now, it’s time to reveal secrets:

Washing tips

Take Care Of Your T-shirt

Washing tips

You should wash your T-shirt as gently as possible. The safest way is to wash your T-shirt with a combination of lukewarm water and hand wash detergent.

You don’t have time for hand washing, right?

So, it’s okay for the washing machine, but you had better choose the most delicate settings. This thing makes sure that your T-shirt is washed at an appropriate water temperature without causing shrinkage or color fade. If you still hesitate, you can refer to the cleaning instructions on the label of the collar or the seams of your T-shirt.

Before putting your T-shirt into your washing machine, you should turn it inside-out to keep decals and designs from rubbing things in the washing cycle.

Don’t wash T-shirts with different colors and textures together, especially, you should choose similar fabrics to wash at the same time. 

Proper detergents

Take Care Of Your T-shirt

Proper detergents

No matter how dirty your T-shirt is, you should avoid using detergents with chlorine-based cleaners and bleach. Furthermore, biological washing detergents tend to erode the fabric.

For heavy stains, it’s better to invest in a more sophisticated cleaner, applying oxygen-based technologies.

Drying tips

Take Care Of Your T-shirt

Drying tips

To take care of your T-shirt properly don’t use the dryer or wring your T-shirts out to dry them. These ways lead to wearing out the material faster, even it’s worse than you don’t wash it at all.

The best way of preserving your T-shirts is to put them on a clothes hanger and leave them at room temperature. Please avoid hanging them under extremely hot sunlight directly because excessive heat may damage your clothes.

Remember to hang your T-shirts as soon as you have finished washing them. This method helps your clothes dry without leaving any crease. 

Try to hang your clothes until they dry entirely. If you fold your slightly damp ones, there may be mildew.

Ironing tips

Take Care Of Your T-shirt

Ironing tips

When ironing your T-shirt, you had better adjust the cool settings on the iron. Also, please never iron on the prints and designs of your T-shirt because it can ruin them. My advice is to iron around them to have a crisp look.

Others tips

Take Care Of Your T-shirt

Other tips

  • You should have more than 5 T-shirts in your wardrobe for regular changes. Wearing only one T-shirt may shorten its lifespan. When you see the signs of wear on the collar or the cuff-edge, it means that it’s time to say goodbye with it.
  • I don’t recommend you choose T-shirts with aluminum-based antiperspirants, which ruin the stitching under the arms. Therefore, it’s better to use deodorant instead of antiperspirant.

Some Tips For Cotton T-shirts

Take Care Of Your T-shirt

Cotton T-shirts

Prevent shrinkage

Cotton is one of the easiest-to-be-shrunk materials, especially during the first wash or dry cycle. While producing, tension is applied to stretch the yarn and fabric. Thus, if you put your T-shirt into your washer or dryer, it will shrink back to the original size. Even the too-bright sunlight can make this material shrink.

However, don’t worry because you can prevent it with the following solution:

It’s better to wash your cotton T-shirts by hand or adjust the delicate cycle of your washing machine with cold water.

Give your T-shirt a rest

If you have a favorite T-shirt, you may want to wear it every single day. But, this thing can make it wear out. You should change regularly and store your T-shirts properly. 

In case you won’t wear specific T-shirts during a season, packing them in airtight containers neatly is a must to protect from direct sunlight and pests like rodents and moths.

Treat stains properly

Spills are a common issue. Whether it is ink, sauce, spaghetti, wine, or coffee, you have to deal with stains as soon as possible to avoid ruining your T-shirt.

Specifically, stain removal wipes and pens can help you prevent damage permanently. So, try to keep them in your wallet, purse, or glove compartment all the time.

Pay attention to follow the instruction on the packaging of the product properly. Wash your dirty T-shirt as soon as possible because portable stain removal tools can’t be a substitute for a high washing.

Apart from stain removal wipes and pens, here are other solutions for different stains:

It’s essential to soak a T-shirt with fresh blood stains in cold water before washing. For dried blood stains, you had better soak it in the combination of warm water and enzyme-containing product.

How about butter?

The solution is to deal with a pre-wash stain remover, after that wash with the hottest water.

Note: While rinsing any stain, you must start from the back to prevent forcing your T-shirt into the stains.

No matter what the stain is, please don’t rub. If not, you may force the stain into the T-shirt deeper.

Keep Your T-shirt For A Long Time

You can create many outfits when you mix and match your T-shirt with different kinds of clothes. But, T-shirt requires very high maintenance, so keep in mind to apply the tips above helps you prolong the life of your T-shirt. Take care of your T-shirt well as you take care of your friend then they should bring you the best thing.

Thank you for reading.

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