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Job T-shirt

Some people really hate Monday morning, they groan and grumble and drag themselves to their workplace, where they spend an entire week waiting for the Friday night. But you don’t (well, maybe just a teenie weenie bit); because unlike them, you love your job. Yes, there may be thousands of job in the world, but there is only one job that is right for you. It could be love at first try – something just clicked and then you fell in love. But it could also be a rocky, hard-fought love that only blossom after spending years together, after you have come to truly understand and respect “her” for what “she” really is. Whatever the case, you are now a proud master of your trade, and you will never regret making that fateful decision.

If you have found yourself a dream job, and you want more people to know and try it out, then these job T-shirt are for you. At, you can find all the funny quotes and cool designs that you ever want to proudly display the true calling of your life, all at a very affordable price. You could also send us your custom quotes and designs to show your own genius ideas to the world. So what are you waiting for? Go to our store, pick your favorite, and let everyone know just how great your job are.

Mechanice T-shirt For Men – Mechanic Hourly Rate T-shirt Funny

There are so many “experts” these days – people who just spend 15 minutes to read a wiki article or some random website, and suddenly they can do a better job than someone who’ve learned and done it for years. Yeah, thanks – next time, just drop it here, go doing your fucking thing, and let the real expert deal with it, okay?

This Job T-shirt is for mechanics who get so tired of fixing people’s stupidity, not just their car. Job T-shirt