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Papa Shirts For Father's Day

Ahh, Grandpa.. Like Grandma, Grandpa like to spoil you, but they do that in a different way. While Grandma will stuff you like a Thanksgiving turkey with her delicious cakes, Grandpa is the one who secretly pass you a cookie when Mom isn’t looking. And while Grandma always give you her handknit sweater so you won’t catch a cold, Grandpa is the one who brings you out to play, so he can tell his old adventures while teaching you how to become a tough soldier or a true gentleman. Because Papa is not just your caretaker or your mentor; Papa is your friend who will always be your partner in crime – and take the blame for you when Mom found out.

If you dearly love your Grandpa, and you want to thank him for never being too old for your shit, then these Papa T-shirt are for you. At, you can find all the emotional quotes and funny designs that you ever want to show Papa just how much you look up to him, all at a very affordable price. You could also send us your custom quotes and designs to add a personal touch to your message. So what are you waiting for? Go to our store, pick your favorite, and let Papa know that you want to have even more adventures together with him

My Parenting Style Is Somewhere Between Roseanne T-shirt

People always bicker about what kind of parenting style is the best. Some are strict with a lot of rules, while others are lax and would love a dirty joke. Some wish to be strong like Roseanne Conner, while others want to be smart like Clair Huxtable. And then you said: why not both?

This T-shirts is for Dad and Mom who has figured out the best way. Papa T-Shirts.

My Granddaughter Is The One Person Tshirt T-shirt

Just pick someone else to mess with, kiddo. Actually, just stop messing around and learn how to live a good, honest life. You may discard my second advice, fine. But if you discard my first one and try to mess with my granddaughter, then I will discard you.

This T-shirts is for chewy Grandpa who will help some punks skip out the rest of their life. Papa T-shirts.

papa shirts for father's day

Papa shango t shirt

papa shango t shirt

Papa Shango, the voodoo wrestler with the power to control the arena lights, was the alter ego of the WWE Hall of Fame inductees Godfather before he became the pimp he is best known. His bizarre appearance – the iconic skeletal face paint, a necklace made of bones, and a smoking skull on his hand – was inspired by Baron Samedi, the powerful loa of the death in Haitian Vodou, while the name may come from Shagon, the head honcho of the Yoruba’s pantheon, known for his powerful battle axe and violent temper.

Despite having such powerful deities on his side, Papa Shango’s reign of terror in the WWE arena is quite short-lived. While having a 300-pound frame that can demolish everything on his path, Papa Shango is in fact best known for his gimmick on and off the ring, like causing some strange goings-on during black out and making a dark liquid ooze out of The Ultimate Warrior’s head during an interview. The audience’s reception, however, is quite lethargic; and after being voted as the Most Embarrassing Wrestler in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter awards for 1992, the terrifying reign of one of the strangest wrestlers in WWE history came to absurd end.

This Papa Shango T shirt is for people who actually find Papa Shango funny (there, I said it).

Papa smurf t shirt

papa smurf t shirt

Who has a white bushy beard, wears a distinct red pants and red hat, and also loved by all (except the naughty)? Well, he’s the Papa Smurf, of course (you’ll still get a half score if you answer Santa Claus though). While he was first envisioned as a bad-tempered head honcho of the Smurf village, who have little patience for the Smurfs’s silly antics, Papa Smurf slowly mellowed out and became the fatherlike figure of the Smurfs that we all know today.

As the leader/caretaker of the Smurf village, Papa Smurf is the wisest and bravest, who uses his knowledge, his understanding, and his strange magical elixirs to ensure his “little Smurfs” (whom is about 100 years old) well-being. While he can still be quite grumpy at a time, especially when he has to deal with Lazy's slothfulness or Jokey's pranks, deep down Papa Smurf realizes taking care for the village is his true calling, and that he loves them - to the point that he will do everything in his power to protect the Smurfs from all who wish to do harm unto them (like the wizard Gargamel), or from the Smurfs’s own bickering due to their different personalities.

This Papa Smurf T shirt is for the Papa Smurf of their own “little village”.

Papa johns t shirt

papa johns t shirt

Papa John's Pizza, the fourth largest pizza chain in America, has a humble start in a remodel old broom closet in a tavern owned by John Schnatter’s father. To raise the initial funds for buying used equipment and for converting the closet, John Schnatter had to sell his 1971 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 – the decision that was easy for him. With 1.600 dollar, “Papa” John started to make pizza, and after a year he could get his nascent empire out of the closet, and to a nearby restaurant.

Now a successful businessman, John Schnatter decided to find and bring back his beloved car. He already had a replica, but it wasn’t enough – for the next 26 years, this will be his personal quest. He even put a 25.000 dollar bounty on the car, which he later increased to 250.000 dollar after the first one fails to bring him any lead.

Then, in August 2009, his effort finally paid off. A family in Indiana remembered buying a car from distraught young man a long time ago, and by following this lead, Papa John finally found his long lost love – now with some racing modifications. Not a big problem though, since -according to Papa John - it’s now “Probably the fastest pizza delivery car in the world”.

This Papa Johns T shirt is for people who love a good pizza with a good story.

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