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Uncle T-Shirt

Ahh, uncle.. there are many kinds of uncle, like the “Obama is a lizard” uncle, the “I’m too old for your shit, kid” uncle, and the “unknown guy who pop up once a year at grandma’s family reunion” uncle.

But there’s also the uncle who is basically the younger, chiller version of your dad, who will drag you into all kinds of fun troubles (emphasize on the “troubles” part), who is also known as the best uncle. Best uncle know many things (like how to make stuff up while he “explains” it to you), he teachs you all the usefull (or useless) life hacks that can earn you weeks of detention if you try to share that wisdom at school, he is always “all game” for all your stupid “adventures” (and may even gifts you the toys you need for those shits). But more importantly, he is the man who you know will always be there, who will always listen to your troubles, and then give you the advice you need to get through your problems.

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