Presents are something you can never underestimate. The items gifted not only perform their functions but also represent the affection of the giver to the receiver. And if the receiver is your bestie, you definitely want to gift her something practical and meaningful at the same time.

We are here to help! Read this article for the best gift ideas for your friends!

Heartfelt Gift Ideas For Your Bestie

Coffee Mug

Do you want your friend to think of you the very moment they wake up? Then you should go for a mug, especially if your bestie is a tea or coffee addict. A mug is affordable, eco-friendly, and more importantly, highly customizable. You can order a unique mug designed with images, logos, and slogans of your choices. What about a mug with a picture of you two printed on?

gift for your bestie


I bet we all have that absent-minded bestie in life who always forgets where she leaves the keys. She would definitely appreciate an eye-catching keyring so she could save much time searching for it. You can purchase a set of keyrings for you and your friend. How about the ones with half of the avocado on each?


Bracelets are another recommended choices for you to consider. The bracelet on the wrist will constantly remind your friend of your presence, even if you cannot be with her in person at the time. There are a plethora of bracelets on the market, which has different designs and materials. Handmade bracelets are also supreme to gift your best friend as it conveys your undying love for her. Go on the internet and search for some simple designs now.

gift for your bestie


gift for your bestie

T-shirts are something girls will never have enough. They hardly ever go out of styles, and we can wear T-shirts to almost all occasions, from going to school to hanging out with friends. With besties, wearing a couple T-shirts prove the close-knit friendship between the two. I highly recommend this “You had me at I hate that b*tch too” shirt. A chic slogan that reminds you of the other who always stays by your side, even when you hate somebody. Check out this link to buy it.


Similar to a bracelet, wearing a necklace will constantly remind your gal pal of your support. You are advised to buy sterling silver necklaces, which are reasonably-priced and long-lasting, just as the eternal friendship between the two.

Luggage Cover/ Tag

If your bestie is a travel enthusiast, the eye-catching luggage covers/ tags will be her lifesaver! No more waiting at the Baggage Reclaim area to pick up the luggage amongst hundreds of same-same bags.

Air Freshener

The essential thing but often neglected when we choose a birthday gift: air fresheners. They serve to remove all the bad scents in your car and replaces them with a savor one. Including coffee, island breeze, even the smell of a new car, to name but a few. Feel free to customize it with whatever you think your friend would love. You can even print your face on it!

gift for your bestie

Jewelry Keeper

All girls share the same problems of losing jewelries, especially tiny rings and earrings. They always shop for new jewelries but not the keeper. If you have such a friend, let’s place your order for a stunning jewelry holder. Feel free to go around and consider different options. There are plenty of designs, from simple to sophisticated ones. Depending on your friend’s taste (which you probably know), you can choose the most suitable one. Your gal pal would thank you from the bottom of her heart!

Water Bottle

Heard you want a practical and meaningful gift, here it is: a water bottle. Especially if your friend often forgets to drink water, this is truly a lifesaver as it keeps her hydrated all the time. There are even fruit infuser bottles for those who are into juices. Really convenient gift for your bestie, right?

Pillow Mist

Body mist is common, but what about pillow mist? Well, use it to spray on the pillows or directly into the air so that it can give off the calming scent for a sound sleep at night. Also, a great way to wake up full of positive energy!


Gift your bestie a cozy blanket that represents your warm hug for her. I recommend an item made of soft microfiber for extra comfort and warmth. A plethora of colors are available, and all you need to do is to choose one!

gift for your bestie


Along with T-shirts, caps are the popular items that will never go out of trend. Especially for someone following sporty styles, caps are indispensable accessories in their closets. Your bestie would be grateful for you adding a cap into her collection! I strongly recommend those with minimal design. You know, less is more. However, it also depends on the taste of your gal pal, which you probably know well.

Snack Box

Have you ever dreamed of it – a box packed with snacks of various kinds? Perfect for late-night movies watching or study sessions. Do not worry about the taste! The box comes with tons of snacks to satisfy everyone whether they have a sweet or salty tooth.

Travel Pillow

Another gift idea for travel enthusiasts: travel pillow. This present conveys the message: “I will follow every step of yours”. Whenever your bestie travels to, she will always feel comfortable thanks to these neck rests.

gift for your bestie

Wrapping Up

Have you made up your mind about what to gift your gal pal on her upcoming birthday? Consider the above options and find out the most suitable. We hope the gift can bring you two even closer than before.

Thank you for reading! If you find this article useful, please give it a thumb up. Or in case you come up with any new ideas, do not hesitate to leave it in the comment for others to consult. Sharing is caring!

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