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Custom Yourself With The Best Quotes T-shirts In 2019

Custom Yourself With The Best Quotes T-shirts In 2019

Most teenagers love T-shirts with quotes or slogans on them. In fact, quotes and texts will never be out of date. And you will never run out of ideas for a quotes T-shirts.

This simple but effective design focuses mainly on messages or slogans, with no or a few photos on T-shirts. There are a lot of phrases, word-fonts, and colors for you to choose from. 

You can have your Tee designed in your own way or choose the ones available on the market. 

So, have you got any idea of a good caption printed on your T-shirt? If you want to take home a T-shirt with typographic design, let us suggest some cool quotes and funny slogans. Put your Tee on, and you will undoubtedly catch others attention. 

Quote Suggestions For T-Shirts

Movie Quotes T-shirts

If you are a cinematic fan, certainly you will love a T-shirt with a quote from your favorite movie. Let’s have a look at some lines in some of the most popular films.

“May The Force Be With You” 

Star Wars fans, where you at? The trend of Star Wars’ slogans never seems to get old. If you love this franchise, you can get a Tee with the iconic line “May The Force be with you” like this.

quotes t-shirts

“I Love You 3000”

quotes t-shirts

“I Love You 3000” T-shirt

Here is one shirt for MCU fan!

One of the most touching lines in “Avengers: Endgame” is when Tony Stark’s daughter, Morgan, told him: “I love you 3000”. It melted down everybody heart in the beginning and broke their heart at the end.

This is surely one of the most memorable and meaningful quotes to print on a shirt.

“My hypocrisy knows no bounds.”

quotes t-shirts

“My hypocrisy knows no bounds” T-shirt

“Tombstone” is one of my most favorite movies. Doc Holiday mentions his hypocrisy several times throughout the movie. And one great memorable quote that he tells Wyatt Earp is, “It seems my hypocrisy knows no bounds.”

So, if you love this movie like me, you can consider choosing a design like this. 

Funny quotes T-shirts

If you are joky guys who do not like something too serious, this part is for you! Here are some funny quotes that you can look for.

“I’m with stupid.”

quotes t-shirts

“I’m with stupid” T-shirt

You can make everyone in the room burst a laughter when you are wearing this T-shirt. But do not stand next to someone who does not like jokes, or you will be in trouble!

“20% Hotter Than You.”

quotes t-shirts

“20% Hotter Than You” T-shirt

If you want to win the humor game, you can put this Tee on. No matter how old you are or how you look, you can wear this shirt with full confidence. 

“Take Me Drunk I’m Home”

quotes t-shirts

“Take Me Drunk I’m Home” T-shirt

Let’s be honest. We have been over drunk sometimes. You have been unconscious and had no idea what was going on. 

If you are in this situation again, put on this T-shirt to ask your friend to take you home. They will find it funny at that time!

Inspirational quotes T-shirts 

One way to boost your mood is by wearing a T-shirt with inspirational quotes on it. I always love these shirts because they can inspire not only yourself but also everyone surrounding you as well. 

Here are some of my favorite lines – they will remind you to live your life to the fullest. 


quotes t-shirts

“You only live once,” so do not waste it! Life is short, so do not waste time worrying about stupid things. Do what you love to do. Be who you wanna be. Have fun. Love somebody. Regret nothing. Live every moment of your beautiful life. 

“Never give up”

quotes t-shirts

Meaningful but straightforward – this quote is like an everyday reminder. Do not ever give up. 

No matter what breakdown you have been through or what challenges you have to pass, be brave, and rise up from the failure. New chances are waiting for you, so don’t be afraid. 

“Be positive.”

quotes t-shirts

“Be positive” T-shirt

This is how you lead a happy and successful life. Always put a cheerful smile and do what makes you happy. 

A shirt like this will be an awesome custom to start a new working day. 


Here are just some typical suggest of shirt quotes you can choose. You can take a shirt with a quote from your favorite movie, a lyric, a book, a funny or trendy quote. The Nice Shirts can give you all the best quotes T-shirts you could ever imagine.

If you love a Tee like this, you can shop at The shirts with beautiful design and high-quality material will definitely satisfy you. Notably, they come at an affordable price. The customer service is also excellent and supportive.

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Thank you for reading, and I am waiting for you to show your new Tee. 

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