Things You Must Know About How To Iron Your T-shirts

Ironing the T-shirts in the wrong way will make it lose its shape, quality, and beauty. In this post, we want to show you how to iron T-shirts properly.

People iron their clothes everyday. However, do you know how to iron your T-shirts properly?

The way to iron a T-shirt looks simple, but not everyone does it correctly. More specifically, most T-shirts on the market today use cotton as the main fabric. So, if you don’t iron them correctly, they will lose their shape and quality. 

That’s the reason why we bring you this post to mention things you must know about how to iron your T-shirts effectively.

Are you ready to explore it now?

First of all, there are some ways to help you iron your T-shirts. Here they are:

3 Ways To Iron Your T-shirts Flat

Your T-shirts after each washing inevitably appear wrinkles on the surface, making the product look ugly. To regain the beauty of your T-shirts, the most common way is ironing. To make the T-shirt flat and nice, please note the following ways:

How To Iron Your T-shirts

How to iron your T-shirts properly

Method 1: Select The Appropriate Heat Level

It would be best if you determined the composition of your T-shirts, then choose the suitable ironing temperature.

You know what? Most T-shirts use cotton fabric for production. However, there are many types of cotton, not just 100% cotton. 

So, before ironing, you need to make sure what the main component of your T-shirts is. After that, you need to adjust the appropriate temperature.

Method 2: Always Turn Your T-shirts Inside Out When Ironing

Most people iron the outside first, but this is not the right way. Because small fibers often appear on the surface of the fabric, the temperature of the iron will burn them.

Besides, with the printed T-shirts, if you iron the pattern directly, you will make the printed image soft, deformed, and damaged.

Method 3: Wash Your T-shirts Without Spinning

Another way to help prevent your T-shirts from wrinkling is that after washing, you don’t need to dry them. Just leave them outside and let the air dry them. Stripping the T-shirt will make the fabric twisted together, which is the leading cause of wrinkles on the product. However, in this way, it will take a lot of time to dry your clothes.

Moreover, you can use the fabric softener at the last step after washing. It is also the best way to make ironing easier.

How To Iron Your T-shirts

Wash your T-shirts without spinning

5 Steps To Iron T-shirt Properly

It will help if you iron your T-shirts correctly to help preserve them for a long time. Please follow these steps below:

Step 1

Today, there are many types of irons on the market. The more expensive it is, the better the quality is. The first step is to choose the right iron for your clothes. To iron a T-shirt, you only need an essential iron with several different temperature adjustment functions. Most importantly, it needs a temperature adjustment function for cotton because most T-shirts are made of this material.

Step 2

You can also select an iron that can spray water or steam. It means you will pour water somewhere inside the iron and press the button. 

The iron then turns the water into steam or spray a jet of water. This function will help the wrinkles on the T-shirt relax so that you can iron flat very quickly.

Step 3

Next, you place your T-shirt on a table used to iron clothes, remember to put the collar near the narrow top. After the iron is heated, spray some water or steam on it, put the iron down, and iron along the length of your T-shirt. 

You should iron slowly, take it away from your body to avoid burns due to negligence. Please do not put the iron in contact with the garment for too long because it can cause sagging.

How To Iron Your T-shirts

Do not put the iron in contact with your T-shirts for too long

Step 4

You should turn the T-shirt around on the table while you iron the creases. Use short lines when you iron near the sleeves and collar. After that, you lift your T-shirt and place one sleeve towards the narrow end of the table.

Step 5

You repeat the steps from step 3 for the sleeves by turning and ironing continuously, using short ironing lines because it is a small surface. Then lift the T-shirt and iron the other sleeve.

Please pay close attention to the edges of the T-shirt and sleeves as they often roll up if not pressed flat.

Note that if you don’t have time to iron, you can spray some water on your T-shirt and put it in the dryer. Although the T-shirt will not be straight as ironed, the results achieved are also excellent.

How To Treat Scorch Mark On Your T-shirts When Ironing

There are different ways to treat burn stains for three types of fabric.

For 100% Cotton Material

T-shirts made of 100% natural cotton are very flammable. If you notice a yellow burn, stop ironing immediately, and do the following steps:

First, you sprinkle some salt on top of the stain. Then gently rub the salt with your hand to soak the cloth. Next, you dry it under the sun for 30 minutes and wash it after that. The stain will disappear completely.

For PC Fabric Material

There are many types of PC fabrics, such as 2-way or 4-way stretch. If your PC T-shirt, unfortunately, has a burn, you use sodium carbonate powder to mix with water, and then you apply the solution to the stain. Next, you take a wet towel to place on the surface of the T-shirt and continue ironing. Start ironing within minutes, and your T-shirt will return to its original position.

How To Iron Your T-shirts

How to treat scorch mark on your T-shirts

For PE Fiber Material

PE fabric is also known as chemical fabric. This type of T-shirt is very difficult to burn.

So you can easily handle the scorch by taking a thin towel, dipping it in water, and covering it on the surface of the T-shirt (the area of the stain). Next, you use the iron several times on the surface of the wet towel. After a few minutes, the stain will disappear from your T-shirt.

Let’s Iron Your T-shirts Correctly Now!

Now you know the simple way of ironing your T-shirts to preserve their pattern, form, and color. Ironing clothes is a job that requires meticulous and accurate. 

It’s time to shop for some nice T-shirts and follow the instructions above to take good care of your favorite clothes.

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