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Top 10 things to get for your family this Christmas

Top 10 things to get for your family this Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, and we bet you are struggling to get the ideal gift for all your family. If you want to have some recommendations, check out our list now! ( A little remind: We got one of the best Xmas t-shirts is coming to town. )

Christmas is the most special occasion of the year for you to express your gratitude and feelings to your families.

But choosing the perfect gift is not an easy task. If you are still pondering over your choices, let’s have a look at our list of recommendations below.

               Top 10 Gifts for Your Family at Christmas

1. Mugs.

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A well-made mug is among the most versatile gifts you can get for your family. Simple, easy-to-use, and affordable, mugs can do more than just a beverage container. If the user is creative enough, they can turn a mug into a pen holder, or room decor. For Christmas, you can get a mug illustrated in snowflakes or Santa Claus graphics.

2. Socks.

For the coldest days of the year, what is better than to have a pair of wooly socks? They are comfortable to wear, and they help warm up the body temperature.

In case you worry about socks being plain and boring, you can consider personalized items. With a small surcharge, the manufacturers will have receiver’s initials sewn onto the hem of the socks. Sounds amazing, right? 

3. Hoodies.

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A hoodie is a basic yet versatile piece of clothes that deserves to be in the wardrobe of everyone, regardless of their age or gender. If you want to buy your grandparents one, choose something made from cashmere to make it softer and lighter. If your sporty nephew needs a new outer coat, opt for hoodies crafted from thicker and washable materials like cotton.

4. Scented candles and essential oils.

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To many people, aromatherapy is a non-expensive and relaxing way to calm themselves down and practice mindfulness. This Christmas, let’s buy everyone in your family a cup of scented wax or a bottle of essential oil based on their preference.

It is also worth noting that certain smells can help with health issues. Your mother’s insomnia -for example- can be cured by using a lavender-smelling candle, and your dad’s snores can be greatly reduced by inhaling peppermint oil.

5. Chocolate.

Chocolate is the world’s most favorite sweets, and it is also one of the most popular gifts for Christmas. There are chocolate sets designed in a Christmas theme, with red ribbons, sparkling wrapping papers. And handmade cards. Even with a limited budget, you can also get a decent pack of chocolate for your families this holiday!

6. Power bank.

Most people now own a smartphone. But what happens if their phone is out of battery, and they cannot charge it right away?

A high-quality power bank will surely solve the problem. If anyone in your family constantly complains about forgetting to charge their phone, let’s get them a 10000W power bank with a cute Santa Claus sticker.

7. Sweaters.

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Similar to hoodies and other Xmas t-shirts in our store, sweaters can be an ideal gift not just for Christmas, but for any other special days. They are comfy and fashionable enough for people to put on, even when they have to go outside. A well-knit sweater cannot go wrong with men or women, children, or the elderly.

If you want your gift to be Christmas-y, let’s choose something with colorful decors, like reindeers, evergreens or jingle bells. Whoever receives it will be thrilled to wear such a joyful piece of clothes.

8. Snow globes.

Snow globes are a bit old fashion, but they do the trick when it comes to impressing little children. Who would not like a sparkling building trapped inside a crystal ball, where tiny snowflakes keep falling down, and the music seems to be lingering in the air?

Now, there are snow globes designed to act as a sleep lamp as well. When turned on and put in the dark, the globe will give out pastel-colored lighting. This is truly a perfect present to give to your 5-year-old nieces and nephews!

9. Wooly slippers.

Everyone loves to have a pair of soft, comfortable slippers to wear during winter. So why don’t you fulfill their wish by getting them the best slippers available on the market?

There are designs targeted at different customers, rest assured that you will find something best fit for each member of your family. What about a grey pair of slippers for your brothers, and a fluffy, pinky pair for your sisters?

10. Shirts.

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You may think shirts are ordinary and mundane stuff but have you thought of a set of matching family Christmas shirts? Not only can these shirts create a unique “trademark” for your family, but they can also make a perfect group photo when everyone wears the same outfit. Not a bad idea, don’t you think so? Cho the best Xmas t-shirts for your family right now!

Final thought

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