Top Picks For A New Daddy T-shirt That You Need To Know
Top Picks For A New Daddy T-shirt That You Need To Know

Top Picks For A New Daddy T-shirt That You Need To Know

New Year is coming nearly, and it is also the perfect time to renew your wardrobe. Which item do you intend to add into the list? A T-shirt for sure cannot be missed. And on top of that, a new daddy t-shirt should be consider if you are a father.

Have you found any website to order T-shirts for new dads yet? If not, let me help you.

Give The Nice Shirts a check! There are several nice designs and types available on this site for you to consult. 

Below are our top picks to help you make better choices. Scroll down to know more. 

#1. Promoted to daddy T-shirt

Promoted to daddy

There are only a few days left until 2020, what are you waiting for from this new year? 

Promoted to become a daddy? Wow, it is just fantastic. A baby seems to be the most precious thing in the world to any parent. Are you eager to see your baby in a few months later? Then do not miss out on these shirts for new dads for such a special event. 

This T-shirt cannot be more relevant to you. I can see how proud you are to be a daddy by wearing this shirt and strolling around the town. 

Thus, there is no reason not to add this one to the list of new dad T-shirts in 2020. 

#2. This Dad’s heart belongs to my son T-shirt

This dad’s heart belongs to my son

Nowadays, there is another way to show your feeling to your family instead of saying I love you directly. Wearing a T-shirt with an emotional message is a good idea. 

Thus, this new dad shirt is for you if you are too shy to confide yourself. 

This Dad’s heart belongs to my son. I bet that there will be no word more romantic and genuine than this one.  

Another thing worth mentioning about this item is its design of text. It looks orderly and creative. Hence, there is no reason to miss out on this one. 

#3. Proud of being a daddy T-shirt

I am proud of many things in life, but none of them beat being a daddy

In our lives, there are many things that we are proud of. However, there is nothing more precious than being a daddy. I bet that we all take pride in becoming parents, and we respect this responsibility. In 2020, I find it great to wear such a meaningful T-shirt like this one. 

Apart from helping to show our true feelings to family, this shirt is also praised for its nice design. When it comes to the layout, it looks simple yet subtle. 

Of course, this one is meant for you if you like wearing simple things.

#4. Puns T-shirt

Daddy, you’re my hero, but…

If you are interested in puns, then this shirt is meant for you. Daddy, you’re my hero, but mummy thinks you’re a cunt. How cute is it?

It must be sincere confidence from the kids. Daddy might play an essential role in his children’s lives, but his wife does not think so. It is just kidding. However, it really got me when I first saw it. 

In all honesty, wearing this cool T-shirt makes me so excited. The layout of this new dad T-shirt is simple, yet elegant. If the designer made this shirt too showy, I think that it will not be impressive enough and  show a little bit of impoliteness.

In case you do not like this color, there are several designs for you to choose from freely. 

#5. Fathor T-shirt

Fathor – like a dad, just way mightier

This T-shirt really got me right at the very first moment I saw it. Do you know the reason why?

This shirt is based on the image of Thor, who is a handsome, seductive, and mighty man. It must have been once in your lifetime watching the movie Thor, right? 

To be honest, I am a fan of Thor. That’s why it must be one of my picks for new daddy T-shirts.

Fathor is a dad, yet he is still different. To be more specific, he is mightier, just like Thor who has great strength in the universe. 

On top of that, the design of this new dad T-shirt draws my attention. The image of Thor’s hammer is fairly creative that I highly appreciate this idea. It makes the overall of the shirt look more fashionable. 

For these reasons above, do not hesitate to order it to wear in 2020. 

#6. Rockin the dad and papa life T-shirt

Rockin the dad and papa life

Here is my last pick for new dad shirts in 2020. 

Some T-shirt designs are more and more creative so that I find it challenging to choose what I like most. However, this one really catches my attention thanks to its cool design.  

The text is not scribbling. It is the harmonious combination between text style and color. Hence, this thing makes this product really stand out. 

Dad and papa seem similar, but it is not the same in some ways. However, it’s possible to rock both dad and papa life. That’s the message that this shirt shows us. 

If you like this new dad tee shirt style, grab it immediately. 

To sum up

The Nice Shirts is such a great source of beautiful new daddy T-shirts that anyone should give it a check! Apart from the T-shirt, there are several different types of clothes, such as Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Tank Top, and so on. I bet that you will not be disappointed when searching for new father shirts here.

After referring to our top picks, have you chosen a new daddy T-shirt for New Year yet? If you find out any new dad tee shirts, please comment below to share them with us!

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